10 shocking Facts Dog Lovers Must Always Know


If you are a dog lovers, you should know these exciting facts and consider them. Remember first that you are with your loyal friend so you should know everything about him so provide him with what he needs.

So read these facts and share with your friend if you like this article

22. Dogs can act aggressively out of fear.

Dogs can act aggressively out of fear.
Photo credit: Anne Savage Photography

The origin of most aggressive act is fear. Combine fear with a situation where a dog has not been raised and trained humanely and the result is often a disastrous cocktail of fear aggression.

Make a note of when your dog becomes aggressive and the circumstances surrounding the behavior. This will play an important part in determining your next step. There are a number of ways you can manage the hostility and help your dog remain calm. It will take time, consistency, and possibly the help of a professional.


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